- Specializing in Philip K Dick, Science Fiction, and Radical Movement.

**NOTICE** Philip K Dick was inducted in to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame on Friday 5/6. Read the article.

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11 Typed Letters Signed by Philip K Dick Written to Dear Claudia

The letters to Claudia are arguably among the finest and most illuminating letters written by Philip K. Dick. Among the very few other PKD manuscripts to be offered on eBay in recent years are a few pages of carbon copies of manuscripts which sold for $1,100 on July 5, 2003 (3532977488), and a carbon copy of a one page letter from 1979, which sold for $1,100 on July 14, 2003 (6911252469). Claudia Bush was writing a Thesis on Phil, and had initially contacted him. From there, a long correspondence began. I selected these letters based on the time-period in which they were written. The letters begin shortly after his February/March 1974 mystical experience. This experience forever changed him. You can read entries from his Exegesis in the book In Pursuit of VALIS, culled from over 1 million words of Phil's putting to paper his thoughts, interpretations, and studies into his visions and experiences. Phil Dick kept every scrap of his writing, and in doing so made it a point to type his letters, keeping the carbon for himself, editing, signing, and sending the typed page. It is my understanding that the letters to Claudia Bush have never been on the market individually, so any way you cut it this is a rare find indeed. MORE

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The Selected Letters Of Philip K Dick 1938-1979. 5 Volume Set. 4 First Trade Editions + 1 Signed/Limited/Slipcased edition. Details

Pink Beams of Light From the God In the Gutter: The Science-Fictional Religion of Philip K. Dick.  An analysis of Philip K Dick's Philosophic & Religious leanings. Signed & numbered, limited to 100 copies. Paperback (new).  Details

Philip K Dick: Exhilaration and Terror Of the Postmodern by Christopher Palmer. Recent examination of a wide range of Philip K Dick's works. Hardcover or Trade Paper (new). Details

Philip K Dick Society Newsletter. Full photocopy of the complete set, including the original issue 9/10 audio cassette. Details

Search For Philip K Dick. Scarce bio by Anne Dick. Details

VALIS & Cosmogony and Cosmology by Philip K. Dick. Slipcased Edition limited to 250 copies, signed by Kim Stanley Robinson. Details

The Novels of Philip K Dick. Ultra-rare dissertation by Kim Stanley Robinson. Details

Philip K Dick Bio, Interviews & Audio by Gregg Rickman.
Bundle of 2 books + audio cassette. Details

The Colony & The Defenders
. 2 Philip K Dick Radio Plays on 1 CD. Details

Phil Dick Interviewed by John Boonstra (3/81 & 6/81).
2 CD with signed insert. Details

Minority Report Screenplay. Pre-release draft. Details - Specializing in Philip K Dick, Science Fiction, and Radical Movement.